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Are you ready for the changes and uncertainty of the Wood Dragon Year in 2024?
Embrace Change and Conquer 2024 with Confidence: Join Planning Your Success Coaching Program Today!

The unexpected impact of the pandemic has shifted our way of life, and what we once knew as usual may no longer apply. The onset of Period 9, on Feb 4th, 2024, will also bring a lot of change and shifts in various aspects of our work, life, and relationships. Are you ready for this change?

Many of us might have lost our sense of direction, passion, or motivation to navigate through these challenging times. However, this isn’t just about the pandemic; various unexpected events can derail our plans and leave us uncertain. What if we could find secret ways to empower ourselves no matter what’s happening around us?

I am introducing a unique program designed to delve into your inner self using powerful Chinese Metaphysics tools such as Qimendunjia, Feng Shui, Date Selection, and Yijing. These tools help you discover your steadfast anchor, motivations, and barriers so that longstanding obstacles no longer hinder your progress. By understanding your authentic self, pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses, and realigning this information with the right timing and strategies, you can reignite your inner spark and work towards achieving a significant goal in 2024.

Join us for “Planning Your Success Coaching Program to Embrace Change, Conquer the Market, and Thrive in Uncertain Times” by Gagan Sarkaria.

Program details: 6-month coaching program to help you achieve success in 2024.
Start Date: First call, clarity session, two days after purchase or the first weekend.
Time: TBD based on your location
Duration: 2 days Live stream training each month

Unlock a new path towards self-discovery and goal achievement. Make 2024 a year that helps you unfold your spark and get aligned for massive success in Period 9. Take advantage of this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with us.

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Planning Your Success Live Coaching Program—Bundle: