Pathway to Prosperity Clarity Session

Sometimes, all you need is some additional support. You may have a few other questions or need further clarification on your projects, career, business, or relationship direction. Maybe you want guidance to create a soulful year ahead. 

For this purpose, I have “Pathway to Prosperity Clarity Sessions” for you! You can purchase these as a single one-off coaching or consulting session. Get ready to pick my brain to find creative and soulful solutions to your problems.


  • We will dig deep: Take a deep dive into the core issues that are holding you back and keeping you in the overwhelming and resistant state.

  • You’ll receive clarity: Exactly what you need! Whether it is high achievement coaching, soulful mentoring, energy clearing, business strategy, product launch idea, forecasting based on your Astrology Charts, design, branding, or marketing review of your work.

  • You’ll feel transformed: Much clearer, soulfully enthusiastic, lighter spirit, more aligned, positive, uplifted, focused, determined to achieve your goals.

* Each Clarity Session is up to 90 minutes max. 

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