Wellness Consultation

Mind-Body Wellness Consultation

Are you ready to start your healing? Make a change in your life?

There is a way to effectively and naturally improve your health and wellness.

Health is more than just the absence of disease. It is a state of mind, emotion, and body. We work with you to ensure that all areas of your life are optimally aligned to support your overall health and wellbeing.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to holistic health. Our wellness consultations are customized to each individual. We carefully target your needs, support your efforts, and help you achieve your wellness goals with grace and ease. Whether your goal is to improve your blood pressure, chronic stress and anxiety, weight management for optimal health, or mental health for better productivity, the ancient wisdom that Gagan and her team bring you will change your life! Gagan’s coaching and consultation style include a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, blockages, and chronic pain. At Unfold Your Health Virtual Wellness Center, we care. Your health is our passion!

Book your mind-body wellness consultation for a diagnostic evaluation.

Our focus is to enhance your mind and body through integrative and holistic medicine. In this wellness consultation*, we will dig deep to:
  • Assess the root cause of your pain and symptoms
  • Understand your chakra blockages and their symptoms
  • Evaluate your lifestyle and health goals
  • Start your healing and wellness journey
  • Evaluate your nutrition, and sleep patterns
  • Learn mind-body connection and chronic stress
  • Receive personalized recommendations for wellness activities

A healthier you is just a click away. Book your coaching consultation today.

* Each Consultation is up to 60 minutes max.

** We do not give medical advice or diagnosis. For that, you must visit your medical doctor. We work closely with you to create a different prognosis, better, and remarkable results for the mind-body connection and overall healing.

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