Your FREE 3-Day Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras For Money & Abundance Watch Preview

If you’re looking to learn how to create an inside-out shift in your mindset, discover what it takes to manifest your desires and what you most want in life, then this 3-day journey is for you! This experience will help you create a new habit to cultivate abundance.

Bringing together a powerful combination of meditation, mantras, and mudras, you’ll see the world through a new lens as you tap into your unlimited potential.

In this challenge, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work through your inner blocks so you can stop holding yourself back
  • Unlock the secret to help you magnetize the abundance you truly deserve in life
  • Understand how meditation, mantras, and mudras work together to heighten your manifestation muscle

Inside this 3-day challenge, you will find:

  • beautiful content slides with audio and video files to support your learning style
  • access to powerful meditation music, mantras, and mudras
  • daily abundance activation techniques
  • along with activities and an area to write your responses to make this a comfortable and rich learning experience for you.


I am blown away. I have been facing some challenging times in my personal life. When I started the abundance challenge, I was unemployed and living in a very tiny rental home bedroom. I have been able to manifest a new career and am the new co-leaser of a rental house. I also moved from the small bedroom into the master bedroom. I have a unique career opportunity, as well. I am super grateful for the calmness and groundedness this course has offered me. This whole journey has been beyond amazing for me. Gagan just opened up and released inside of us what is possible and how to tap into that unlimited potential.
— Bruce Green, Entrepreneur, Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A.


Gagan is a soulful mentor and high achievement business coach. She helps clients heal their past, release their books and brands, redefine their present, and transform their pain into prosperity! Through Gagan’s astrology readings and coaching programs, her clients gain clarity, confidence, and creative paths to build a business beyond their talents. Ultimately elevating their success and achieving remarkable results!

11 Lessons

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Intro & Course Structure

Welcome to your 3-day Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras for Money & Abundance

Getting started, course objectives, and what to expect

The Basics of Mudras, Mantras, Meditation, Manifestation

What are Mudras & Mantras?

Understand the difference between Mudras and Mantras, and why they enhance your meditation.

Your Path to Financial Freedom, Why is it Important to have Inner Abundance?

Understanding the feminine and masculine energies.

The Relationship of Abundance with Chakra System

How awakening or activating your Chakras allows Abundance to flow through you.

What is your Journey to becoming an Awakened Person?

Finding your calm amongst the chaos

Demystifying Enlightenment

How can you achieve enlightenment? Is meditation the path that speeds manifestation?

Your Free 3-day Challenge

Abundance Challenge Day 1

Day 1 curriculum for Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras for Money & Abundance

Abundance Challenge Day 2

Day 2 curriculum for Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras for Money & Abundance

Abundance Challenge Day 3

Day 3 curriculum for Meditation, Mantras, and Mudras for Money & Abundance

The Mysticism & Your Next Steps!

The Mysticism of numbers 3 and 21

The hidden secret behind 3 and 21 days challenges to awaken abundance manifestation

Next Steps!

The next steps to continue your journey to create massive manifestation results